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Sexual tamil padam

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Sexual tamil padam
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Add a Review, excellent movie.

The more u have followed politics and Tamil films the more u will laugh.

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One of the best Movies released in 2018, A Spoof Movie that leaves Only Aliens Takes Content from 1970's Rajni's Career Start Hit Movies to Unreleased Films which are going to get released later in 2019.

The Director has done only 2 films so far, but it looks like it was made by a veteran.

It has some logical loop holes, but you'll forget it enjoy shiva's Underrated Awesome sense of Humor.

It's a must Watch.

Even it Borrowed scenes from Game of Thrones.

The only spoof ever Released with a content interconnecting it's First Part.

5 out of 9 found this helpful.

This is sequel of Tamil Padam.

Same story line without story.

This is spoof movie as everyone know about.

But this time the making went to the extreme spoof of current politics and the main targets are the leading actors of Tamil Industry.

The title song alone has all the guts to talk about leading actors, especially the line, I want U rating, Mass Opening and I don't care about people.
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