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Gayporn stories

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Gayporn stories
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Sometimes I wonder who the fuck has the time to sit down and read erotic stories, but then I stumble upon a site that actually offers some great erotic novels, and I end up reading the stories instead.

I think that we all know what the fuck I am about to talk about, a site that has awesome gay stories that you should read,.

However, there are a couple of crap aspects of this place that I will gladly talk about with you guys.

Crappy design, first of all, I just have to mention that awful design what the fuck were they thinking?

I have seen a lot of porn sites in my life, and I have to say that their design is one of the most annoying ones I have seen in a while.

Who the hell thought that putting that blinding blue background with yellow/white letters was a good fucking idea?

That shit just makes my head hurt the more I stare at it, and I really wonder if the person making this was actually color-blind.

I mean, if you do not know how to create a solid site design, I understand, but if you knew how to create this much, mixing two colors that work together is not fucking rocket science.

I think that you will understand what the fuck I mean as soon as you visit this place.

Also, I am quite fucking sure that most of you do not really mind the shittiness of their design, but I just could not hold it in for obvious reasons.

I mean, if you came here for the good stories, then you are at the right place, but if you came here to enjoy the aesthetics as well, then you should check out some other websites instead.

Lots of great stories, one thing you should keep in mind is that m is not solely dedicated to gay porn stories, you have stories of all kind.
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