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be compiled with.

You can check this at run-time as follows: zcat /proc/config.

Gz grep NL80211_testmode, config_NL80211_testmodey, note: If you don't have that configured, be sure to copy over your kernel and reinstall all modules.

The wlan0 interface must be shut down.

Run ifconfig wlan0 down to disable it and then run ifconfig one more time to verify it has properly shut down.

Before using any of the wlan commands listed below, you should enter the WL18xx device into PLT mode using the following command: cd /usr/share/wl18xx/ calibrator wlan0 plt power_mode.

Tune Channel edit, purpose, the purpose of the tune_channel command is to configure the WL18xx chip to operate in a specific Wifi band and channel.

Method, the tune_channel command can be called using the following format: calibrator wlan0 wl18xx_plt tune_channel channel band bandwidth Where: channel is the channel within the wifi band.

See the picture below for details.

band is the wifi band.

Ex: 0 means we are in g band equal to 1 means we are in a band bandwidth is the bandwidth allocation.

Use one of the following values.

Channel, band, bandwidth 1-14 0 (2.4GHz) 0/1 (20MHz) 2 (40MHz Upper Primary) 3 (40MHz Lower Primary) 8(J8 12(J12 16(J16 36, 40, 44, 48, 34(J34 38(J38 42(J42 46(J46 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104 108, 112, 116, 120.

There is no default channel tuned.
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