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If that sounds good enough for you too, then you will definitely want to take a look at m, as that is the place where you can find an incredible amount of premium gay porn that you can watch for free.

However, porn that comes in high quality like this usually has some sort of a catch, and the catch here is, that there are plenty of ads, and I dont mean like 3-4 ads, but like constant.

Luckily, some videos do have various players that you can watch with Adblock turned on, but I will talk more about that later.

The site looks quite impressive, if theres one thing that free porn sites are infamous for, its the fact that their design is complete garbage, with a couple of exceptions here and there.

When it comes to this site, the design looks really premium, like something that would require you to spend more than just a few dollars on a monthly membership.

The homepage is quite nice, as it features some new upcoming titles that are coming to the site, the colors are quite lively instead of those classic black and white mix-ups that you see on every other site, and.

Overall, the design of the site is incredibly simple, and that is the best way to have.

There is no need to try and invent some fancy menu or navigation through the site that not even a fucking rocket scientist could figure out, the way this looks, thats the way it should.

If you happen to scroll down enough to lose the search bar which is on top of the page, you will get a small arrow in the bottom right angle, which will direct you to the top of the page.

This might seem like a very minor feature, but it is extremely useful, especially if you plan to browse for porn on a regular basis as it will save you more time than you think.

Another nice touch is that you can access the most popular videos which filters videos according to their views.

Surprisingly enough, videos on this site usually only have a few hundred views, which is quite unexpected considering the quality.

The first flaws came in quite fast.

Speaking about the search function, it is not that great, because you can only search for the keywords that are in the title of the video.

So, if you are thinking about looking for videos by typing in some common tags, you will probably not find anything at all, as most videos here have cheesy titles that are usually not related to the porn genre at all.

For example, in the video where an older guy has a great time sucking on his sons best friend cock, the title will not include anything that you might expect, but instead, it will be called Gay Guys Fantasies or some shit like that.

While it is kind of interesting that all videos have unique titles, they could have made the search option include the categories and tags.

Of course, when I thought about that, I immediately check if there is a section for categories and tags, and well, what a surprise, there are no fucking categories and tags that you can use to browse for porn.

While the Ads that I mentioned in the beginning are a bit of a pain in the ass, not being able to filter out something that you are into is even worse.

Sure, there are covers for every video, as well as some screenshots that give you a glimpse of the action, but that shit is useless while looking for something.

So overall, the only real way to look through the videos on this site is to go page by page.

Of course, you might find something that you didnt even know you are into via this method, but come on, it is extremely time-consuming, especially because there are over twenty-thousand videos to go through.

Interestingly enough, the older videos still work.
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